Safe and well at home

Did you know?
If you are over 65 or have other health condition you can get a free seasonal flu and pneumococcal jab. Ask for details at GP surgery or pharmacy

Home fixed

They’re absolutely brilliant

“I’ve used the handyman service, any little jobs I need doing, I ring them and I think they’re marvelous.

They have hung pictures, and put me a new door lock on, sunk a thing for my clothes post to go in.

They are lovely. Any little job that you think is not worth bothering people about, I can phone them and know that they will come and do it.

You can trust them, you don’t worry about whether you’ve got the right one. They’re absolutely  brilliant.

And now I’ve found out that there are other things that they do, I shall be even happier!”


Handyperson service of the year

As recognised at the Foundations Home Improvement Agency Awards, 2012